Why does God allow war?

In November I visited some old women, members in our church, who are stuck in bed because of their health. While visiting them I had the opportunity to speak to 2 sons about the terrible situation in our country and about God’s plan in general. One of them, Petria, asked me the same question that I have been asked by the other people: “If God is love, why does he allow war in our country?” He wanted to keep asking more questions, but I stopped him and offered to answer this one. 

The Unrest Continues

Dear Friends,

The unrest continues in Ukraine. All of these troubles between Ukraine and Russia remind me of when Romania was under a communist government, where choices were dictated and freedom was limited. Many in the region are worried that Russia will start taking more territory in the area, bringing back the memory of the expansion of the former USSR.

Meet our family

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are writing to tell you more about us. We are young family whose God has blessed with 3 wonderful daughters: Naomi 8, Anastasia 7 and AnnaSofia 2. We also are expecting for a 4th baby in February. As Christians we wish to please our God and work for His kingdom in any way. As parents we wish to raise our children in God’s fear. We attend the Baptist church in our village and are very happy when our daughters take part in the worship program with the children’s group.