Mourning a loss...

Dear Friends,

On January 29th our family passed through a tragic event. Pavel’s nephew, Leonid Petihachny, 36 years old, that was sent to war and since September we couldn’t hear any news about him, and for whom we asked you to pray in one of the previous reports, was finally found. He died on August 29, in the battles of Illovaysk, Donetsk region. Only after 5 months they could identify Leonid’s DNA tests with his parents.  The ceremony was in the center of the city, so that thousands of people from the city came to his funeral and honored him as a hero.  There are several events from the funeral on the Internet. Brother Grigory Postusak preached at the funeral. All people at the funeral cried and prayed God to have mercy on us, Ukrainians, and stop the bloodshed. Until the last moment we hoped that Leonid was alive somewhere among prisoners, but the news of his death was very painful for us. Three children have remained orphans, without their father. We pray for Pavel’s brother, Mihay and Sylvia, family who have passed through this painful loss.

-Petihachny Family