Uganda: African Christian Outreach

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Do you recognize this market scene from Kampala?    

Do you recognize this market scene from Kampala?  

African Christian Outreach (PIEI ACO)
 PIEI ACO is involved in publishing Christian literature and developing Christian communication. Martin Lwanga is the national director. African Christian Outreach was founded in 1997 as a Christian NGO to respond to a situation in Uganda of spiritual and physical needs resulting from years of war, dictatorships and AIDS. The NGO was registered in Uganda in 1997 where its operations are centered.

Past Activities
Martin managed a Christian radio station (Power FM) that reached out to teens and young adults. The station had a call in program for counseling and receiving the gospel. PIEI ACO partnered with FEBA Radio (UK) from the start in helping the station based in Kampala get established; raise funds and provide technical help and management support. The station is owned by three Kampala Evangelical churches along with a local NGO, African Evangelistic Enterprise. The station operates on the 104.1 MHz frequency. ACO worked with the station through the sponsorship of programs like the long-running evangelical drama Unshackled. Martin served as the station General Manager.

Organizing and hosting Presidential prayer breakfasts since 2001.
In 1999, ACO launched a drive to print 10,000 Bible for preschool children in cooperation with Scripture Press ministries, USA. The Bibles were printed in Belarus by Cook Ministries. They arrived in Uganda in January, 2001 for distribution to the churches, schools and orphanages. The goal behind this project was to fill the gap of children's Christian literature in Uganda.

Publishing Ministries
Since 1997, PIEI ACO has been involved in publishing, beginning with the Christian Post Magazine. This is a quarterly inspirational magazine. PIEI ACO has now expanded to a daily devotionals and tracts. 

Christian Post Magazine periodic publications:

Executive Fellowship Ministries
The Executive Fellowship Ministries seeks to reach people who are in positions of influence and influence them for Christ. ACO, working with Life Ministry of Campus Crusade, holds weekly bible studies towards this end.

Conference / Workshops
PIEI ACO's vision is to bring together the growing number of writers and broadcasters into an association that will minister to the publishers and broadcasters and advance their cause through seminars and workshops.

The Future
The ministry now seeks to expand producing Christian tracts, Bible reading and study material and testimonies. There are also plans to increase the distribution centers for the literature. This will improve the stock of Christian literature in the country.

Ugandans Joshua Zake and Timothy Sentongo live in the US, but travel often to Uganda. Joshua is the chairman of the partnership committee in the US and Timothy is also on the US board. 

• Provide funds for Christian writer workshops and for publishing of literature.
• Provide salaries for support staff and rent for office space.

If you're interested in receiving the PIEI Uganda ACO newsletter, or if you would like more specific information about this particular ministry, please contact: 
Joshua Zake , Chairman for PIEI Uganda ACO