Founded in 1985, PIEI strives to connect national missionaries with the funding and support they need by establishing and developing close partnerships with American churches.  By empowering the people God has already placed on the front lines, we hope to see His Kingdom thrive in all corners of the globe!

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations.
— Matthew 24:14

In the past 30 years, we've seen God...

  • WORK to establish PIEI partnerships in 12 countries.
  • CONNECT over 100 American churches with national missionaries in need.
  • MEET THE NEEDS of over 70 missionaries around the world facing challenges ranging from natural disasters to governmental oppression and more.
  • STIR IN THE HEARTS of hundreds of short term missionary teams, and SEND THEM OUT to come alongside those already working in the field.
  • REVEAL HIMSELF to thousands of people across the globe for the first time through His Word and the dedicated work of His people. 
  • RAISE UP hundreds of pastors, churches, and prayer warriors to continue spreading the Gospel around the globe.
  • REDEEM forgotten or unwanted children through Christ-centered orphan care, kindergartens, summer camps, and youth centers.

Testimonial from Dr. Terry Mortenson:


Thank you for supporting the ministry of PIE.  Last year (2017) I had the privilege of going to Romania to speak on creation at a conference for national missionaries and pastors they work with.  I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of PIE leadership and the great work they are doing in Romania and Ukraine.  They are making a strategic impact for the Kingdom through the national missionaries they support and minister to and with.  And it is great to work with a mission that believes God’s Word from the very first verse and sees how foundational Genesis is to the work of evangelism and building strong Bible-believing churches.  I look forward to serving the Lord with PIE again in May 2018 as I travel with Cornel and Gabi Stef from Romania to teach on creation at a conference in Ukraine.  God bless you for your support of this faithful ministry. 

Terry Mortenson, MDiv, PhD
Speaker, Writer, Researcher, Outreach Dept.
Answers in Genesis