The Democratic Republic of Congo

The ministry in Congo is one of the more recent national ministries to join Partners in Evangelism International. Mboligihe and his wife, Mbolifulani (Yoana), are working in their home village of Dungu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They spent two years in the USA where Mboligihe, a pastor in his home denomination CECA 20 (20th Century Evangelical Community Church in Central Africa), obtained his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College. Their goal is to serve the Lord with their primary ministry activities in RTK radio station, a new Christian school, scholarship ministry for advanced training, trauma counselling, a community health center, and women's ministry. In their ministry together, Mboligihe and Yoana focus on women's ministries, training pastors, counseling, and radio ministry.


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