Guyana is one of three little countries on the northeast coast of South America between Venezuela and Brazil. The colonial powers brought people from Africa and India to work in the vast sugar cane estates. These 2 groups, roughly equal in number, now comprise about 90% of the population of 700,000. Guyana gained independence from Britain in 1966, and was officially atheistic and ruled by a Marxist government until 1985. English is the national language.

Partners in Evangelism/Guyana is the sole North American organization working with the Association of Bible Churches of Guyana. The ABC is primarily an evangelism and church planting ministry seeking to reach the largely Hindu and Muslim population. 

National Director Andy Girwarnauth, a native of Guyana, moved to the USA with his family as a teenager. He converted from Hindu to Christian in 1979, while living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He married Kathleen in 1982, and they returned to Guyana as missionaries in 1988. 

Currently the ABC consists of 8 churches with buildings and parsonages. From these 8 straregically placed churches the thrust now is to establish a network of 20-30 house churches surrounding each mother church. As of September 2016 there are 7 house churches. 

The ABC also operates the Berbice Bible Institute, which is satellite site of the Solid Rock Biblical Seminary of Trinidad. BBI is in session one week of the month with classes taught by ABC Pastors and guest lecturers from the USA and Trinidad. Full time students also serve as interns in one of the 8 churches. 


• Support a pastor or pastor-in-training

• Help with construction of church buildings, Vacation Bible Schools, evangelistic outreaches, etc.

• Help provide and maintain vehicles or supply equipment

• Teach a modular course in the Berbice Bible Institute

• Give to the nationwide TV broadcast

* Join a work team! Several teams come each year to do construction, Vacation Bible School, outdoor evangelism, and medical/dental outreach.

If you're interested in receiving the PIEI Guyana newsletter, or if you would like more specific information about this particular ministry, please contact: 
Gordon Daam, Chairman for PIEI Guyana