Why does God allow war?

In November I visited some old women, members in our church, who are stuck in bed because of their health. While visiting them I had the opportunity to speak to 2 sons about the terrible situation in our country and about God’s plan in general. One of them, Petria, asked me the same question that I have been asked by the other people: “If God is love, why does he allow war in our country?” He wanted to keep asking more questions, but I stopped him and offered to answer this one. 

I opened my Bible to  2 Timothy 3:1-10, which describes the Godlessness of men in the last days. Then I asked them several questions: Who can stop the war, God or people? They understood and knew the answer. Then I asked again: “What are our priorities in our lives? What place does God have in our lives?” I talked with them a long time, reading the Bible, singing, praying and even reciting poetry. I invited them to church. 

On another day I saw some teenage boys playing soccer, and I played football with them then told them that it is good to do sports, but if they be more confident in life they should read the Bible and trust in God above all else. 

I look for opportunities to spread the Gospel wherever I go.  For instance, I usually drive my granddaughters to school. When I am at school I feel as comfortable as I do at home. I like to talk with the teachers and tell them about God. I pray for every person I talk to. 

We love you, thank you and hope to see you again. We wish you Merry Christmas!

Love, Vasil Preutesa