A time of Thanksgiving

Dear brothers and sisters,

Receive warm greetings from Ukraine and may the Lord’s peace follow you in your everyday lives!

I help in the spiritual growth of the church by doing different Bible studies. Every Friday night we have prayer time where we pray for the people in Novoselitsa and entire Bukovina. There are several children from unbeliever’s families who attend regularly Sunday school, along with our children of the church.

This month we celebrated Thanksgiving Day where we thanked God for the material and spiritual goods He has blessed us during the year.

During our Sunday services there come many unbelievers who learn about the Lord. We also are preparing for baptism because 2 people wish to make covenant with God.

This month I have brought two men addicted to alcohol to the Christian rehabilitation center. Their names are Vitaly and Vania. They both were in jail, one of them being arrested 8 times, and spent 15 years in jail. Please, pray for them.

I also go into town with the Christian library. Many people have the opportunity to learn more about Christianity.

Thank you for your financial and spiritual support. Thank you also for staying with us in the ministry in Ukraine.

Best regards, Valery Popov