The Unrest Continues


Dear Friends,

The unrest continues in Ukraine. All of these troubles between Ukraine and Russia remind me of when Romania was under a communist government, where choices were dictated and freedom was limited. Many in the region are worried that Russia will start taking more territory in the area, bringing back the memory of the expansion of the former USSR. This especially rings true where our missionaries work, because that territory used to be part of Romania before Russia took control after WWII. Despite these trials, the work of the Gospel continues. The churches in Ukraine are fasting and praying for peace to reign in their country, and the nationals there keep striving to reveal Christ's glory in the midst of everything. Please pray for their work to be fruitful and blessed.

Besides this, I have another prayer request. We are still planning summer camp for the beginning of August this year. We are sending teachers from the US who have been led to minister to the young people in Ukraine. Please pray that God prepares the hearts of the youth who will be ministered to so that they are ready to hear God's word and accept him into their lives. We also want to lift up in prayer the teachers, translators, and everyone else who will be involved in running the camp, that they stay safe and that God is able to show His glory through their work.