Meet our family

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are writing to tell you more about us. We are young family whose God has blessed with 3 wonderful daughters: Naomi 8, Anastasia 7 and Anna- Sofia 2. We also are expecting for a 4th baby in February. As Christians we wish to please our God and work for His kingdom in any way. As parents we wish to raise our children in God’s fear. We attend the Baptist church in our village and are very happy when our daughters take part in the worship program with the children’s group.

In PIE mission I, Alina, am the translator, who every month am translating the missionaries’ reports. Besides, I work as a teacher in the village school, I teach English. While I am at school whenever I have the occasion I try to tell and show the students through my behavior about God’s love. Sometimes with senior pupils I have interesting discussions on different topics, such as evolution or God’s creation, kind of music or even drugs. Every time I try to draw my students’ attention on God, on somebody who is sovereign and has everything in control.

Vitaly at the moment has some health problems, but in general, he works on his own, making windows. So, while he comes to a person’s house he always tries to talk to them about Jesus. I remember a story, he told, it was before Easter and he was fixing some windows. Suddenly he asked the homeowner why we greet each other with “Jesus Is Risen”. The man told him that it is an old tradition, but doesn’t know exactly. Then Vitaly told him the significance of Easter. This is just one of many stories that happened to him. Another recent story was in September while he was fixing a window in Vanchikauts village. The owner was sitting near Vitaly watching how he works. Sometime later he suddenly asked: I see you different, what is your religion? Thus Vitaly started to tell him about Jesus.

We are thankful to God for all His mercy to us and all His blessings and grace. Please, pray for us as a family, so serve our Lord and to love each other with a true love.

Regards, the Martsinyuk family