October Update- Vasil Preutesa

In October I had a medical examination at the hospital in Chernovtsy where my doctor tried to find the reason of my intestinal fever. At the end of the examination He told me in presence of other 4 doctors that my case interested him because a man of 58 years old having 8 surgeries and over 18 hours of narcoses is still alive. This is only God’s miracle, he said. Then I started to tell them about my faith in God and about Jesus Christ as the world’s Savior and Lord. They listened to me very carefully and one of the doctors told me that only with God’s power and wisdom they do a surgery. Without God they do nothing. I praised the Lord for our doctors who admit the greatness of God. I pray for my doctors to find the true way to Him.

Our youth had a beautiful program at the Harvest Day that we celebrated in our church at the beginning of the month. They usually gather during the week and have singing practice. 

I was at the funeral of brother Pavel and Larisa’s brother, Anatoly, and encouraged them in their great loss. We pray for them. We also pray for sister Marilyn Rosema’s and sister Gabi Stef’s health, as well for brother Cornel Stef to prosper in the PIEI ministry. I thank God for brother and sister Larisa who support me and encourage me in hard times of my life. May the Lord bless them and all of you! Thank you for supporting us financially and praying for us. We love you, pray for you and are looking forward to seeing you. 

Love, Vasil Preutesa, pastor-missionary in villages Fagadau and Vanchikauts