October Update- Gortopan Mihai

I praise God for the possibility of living one more month in which we could see His greatness in working with us and His church. Every week we have different events in our church. One of them is Bible study, and every person is welcomed to come. This month we studied Romans. We characterized this epistle of Paul as the alphabet of faith, from which we can learn about God’s mercy that is given us as a gift. I pray for all people who studied this book to live what they have learned.

This month our church raised money for a boy of 6 years old who needed brain surgery. Also we collected food, fruit, vegetables and clothes for the orphanage of the disabled children in Mahala. Besides, we collected money and bought those children necessary goods. I wish that all these works have an impact on those people who do not know God and they would praise God for all blessings.

Our church supports financially a missionary family from Kazakhstan. This month they visited us and we were glad to see them. They organized a youth meeting in Dinauts church and our youth were there present too. The missionaries motivated the youth to dedicate their lives to God. I pray for our youth. 

Best regards, Gortopan Mihai