October Update- Postusak Grigory

At the beginning of October I and a group of singers, called Shalom, visited two countries in Europe, Portugal and Spain, where we served in the local churches there. We met the Diasporas from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia, who went for work there and settled to live in those countries. During the weeks of my staying there I preached in the churches, talked to lots of people who broke their families because of their emigration. I prayed for them and gave some advice from the Bible. I told them that only through God we can stay victorious from each temptation and difficulty. 

At church we had some guests from Mariupol, a city in the war area. The youth from Mariupol were thankful to our church for the hospitality. We prayed for them and helped them with some goods that God has blessed us. We invited them to come again and visit us and encouraged them in their work in the local church. 

Our youth had a meeting where 400 young people were present. We are glad and praise the Lord for 8 people who accepted the Lord in their hearts at that meeting. We pray for them to be strengthened in their faith.

At present we are teaching discipleship lessons to the candidates for Baptism that we are planning to have at the beginning of December. We also pray for this ministry.

Best wishes, Postusak Grigory