October Update- Valery Popov

By God’s grace we serve the Lord’s church and our neighbor. In October we celebrated Thanksgiving Day in our church when we thanked our Lord for each perfect gift He gives us. We also praise the Lord for the blessings He blesses us through you. On that afternoon our church visited two families who have adopted 7 and 9 children each. These two families are Christian and educate the adopted children in a Christian context. We brought them food and had great fellowship. After our visit we were motivated to collect clothes for them and the children. 

Also this month I preached in the church and with a group of church youth visited the sick people of our church. There I had the possibility to talk to their relatives who are unsaved. So we also used that time evangelizing the unsaved people. At the moment we are providing the church building with resources of heating for winter. My family is all right. My wife Alla and my second daughter Ruth are involved in the praise and worship group, and the little ones are growing up with the help of God. 

Thank you for material and prayer support. May the Lord reward you for your open heart for the ministry in Ukraine! Be blessed. 

Best regards, Popov Valery