October Update- Alex Paskari

In October God helped me to visit three sick members of our church where I had the opportunity to talk to their unsaved relatives and neighbors and preached them the Gospel. 

I and our choir have been to a funeral in Doljok, a neighbor village. There I preached and the choir praised the Lord by songs. There were around 70 people who heard the Gospel.  

A brother missionary from Kazakhstan preached and gave precious advice to the youth from Novoselitsa district, who gathered at a youth meeting in our church. 

We had a great evangelism at church and many unsaved people from the village came to hear the Gospel. I am glad that two young boys attend our church and also come to the Bible study. We pray for them. 

I and my wife were at sister Larisa’s brother’s funeral, Anatoly Parpauts.  We are sorry and pray for the grieving family, especially for Anatoly’s parents. 

At the moment we are repairing the central heating of the church building repairing it for the winter. I am glad and thankful that the members of the church, especially the youth are helping me in this work. 

Thank you for supporting us in the ministry. May the Lord reward your sacrifice! Be blessed. My family sends you lots of greetings. We love you and pray for you. 

Love, your brother in Christ, Alex Paskari