October Update- Kioresko Gregory

Dear brothers and sisters,

My family always thanks God for you and for your support. Thank you for your prayers. 

In October I had the grace to preach 20 sermons and made 8 pastoral visits. I also talked to three unsaved people; two of them came to my house themselves and asked me to talk to them. One man came to my house but didn’t find me. My wife told him that I’m at church, so he came to church and finding me started to cry and confess that he is fed up of his lifestyle and needed God. They all are people burdened by sin, who need a change in their lives. I see it as a blessing and grace to be used by God in this way. Sometimes it seems that some of people at church don’t want to listen to the Word of God, bur these unsaved are searching God. Praise the Lord for this! I pray for the two men I spoke to, and please, join with me in prayer for them. Both of them are called Vasil. 

Besides preaching at church, I held youth meetings with our youth; I lead the choir and weekly gathered for singing practice. At winter holidays we plan to do a day camp for the children of the village. Because they liked the summer camp a lot, we promised them to organize a day camp in winter, so they are waiting. Please pray for this project, to have possibility, good weather and financial resources for gifts, to organize this camp in winter. 

I preached at the funeral of sister Larisa Petihachny’s brother, Anatoly Parpauts. I asked God to give me suitable words to encourage the grieving family and relatives. Please, pray for this family to get God’s comfort.   

Our family is well. We rejoice in the Lord and we are happy to serve our Lord with the whole family. I thank the Lord for my family, for serving God as I do. 

Love, Kioresko Gregory