Traian chilau



My name is Traian Chilau, I am from Curtea de Arges, married to Ioana and together we have 5 children. We came to Christ in 7 January 1976, during the communist period. After 2 years of prayers, my parents also came to Christ. After I received Jesus in my life, 17 of my co-workers followed my example and I felt God’s calling to invest all my time in ministry. I continued to evangelize, to share New Testaments and Christian materials in more than 35 villages where I could see God blessing the ministry. In 1996 I became an official PIE missionary and I’ve been doing God’s work ever since.

Missionary strategy

Mission points:

  • Tigveni: here we take care of a church and an orphanage with 350 children; once a week, a group from the orphanage comes to church and we do activities with them full of hope that they will receive Jesus in their hearts;

  • Valea Dumiresti: we help in their church and we evangelize people;

  • Curtea de Arges: preaching and pastoral counseling;

  • Hospitals: we spend time with them, explain the Gospel and build relationships;

  • Peoples’ houses, events: I want to spread the Gospel anywhere God takes me;

  • Summer camps: we have approximately 4-7 camps/year; there, we have all types of children and our desire is that every one of them to catch a glimpse of God and to come closer to Him;

  • Old foster care: once a month we go there with gifts, encouragement and with the Word of God;


My vision is to equip workers for church planting in 23 villages.


Please pray for:

  • health: because of a liver transplant I had, I have to do repeated medical check ups;

  • a new generation of workers and church planters;

  • once a week we need hygiene packages and sandwiches for the orphanage;

  • financial resources for food and medicines for the poor families;

  • financial resources to maintain the building for summer camps, for food and other administrative expenses;

How can you help:

  • donate for one or more of my projects;

  • join us in mission for a short period;

  • pray for the ministry and for us;

  • send food for the orphans;