Thankful for the love of our God


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,

Before I write anything about the mission God gave me, I want to tell you a few things about my health. It's been a year since I suffered a head stroke and I am still under treatment. Also, in June it will be a year since my liver transplant and things are going pretty well. I tell you this because I know that out there are brothers and sisters who are praying for me and my health. I want you to know that I am very grateful for your time spent in prayer for me and for all your support. Because I understand that God still keeps me alive with a purpose, I try my best to be useful and to represent Him in my community.

I use to go every month to visit people at home or in hospitals and I am always happy to find some of them who are willing to know more about God and His love for us. Another joy I have is when I go in Valea Dumiresti and in Rotunda to see the gypsies growing closer to God. Here, our projects are a mix between social and spiritual because we want them to see the love of God when we give them clothes, food or other things that they need. For example, when I have clothes or food to spare, I always have the desire to share them with people who don't have. I noticed how their curiosity regarding the Bible grows when we give them something in the name of Jesus. 

I am also happy to work every week with some kids from the orphanage. We have a special program with 10-15 girls and we are almost done with 2 bible studies by Mandi & Maggie Cornett. We are grateful for the opportunity to invest in them and we pray for their growth in Christ. Besides them, I don't forget to pray for Ed and Diana, Naomi and for the PIEI commitee. I pray that God will repay everything they do for me and for my ministry. 

Thank you for all your support!

Traian Chilau - PIEI Missionary