God brings a lot of joy


With joy in my heart, I give some information about myself, about the ministry I was called upon to do, only through the grace of God.
First of all, I thank God for health, so far the transplant goes well and the analyzes are also good, I have to go into control every 3 months. Thanks to all who pray for my health, I pray that Jesus will repay you.

I would like to remind you that this month we finished the 2 courses: Research Me and Masterpiece, written by Mandi and Maggie Cornet. it was a great blessing to me but also to the Orphanage girls.
Also, because we celebrate Easter on April 28 in Valea-Dumiresti village, we have prepared 20 food bags for those poor people who come.

Another joy that I would like to share is that I was visited by brother Cornel Stef and together we had a state of fellowship of beautiful memories we had together. Also, we talked about this blessed family of Ed and Daiana, he read their letter, we were very excited. Together with my wife, we continue to pray every day for Ed and Daiana.

Together with brother Cornel Stef, we went to the Church of Tigveni where we were expected by a group of girls from the Orphanage. Cornel spoke of the saved man, seated in the hands of our Lord Jesus. At the end, Cornel took them with the minibus to the orphanage and they was so glad and excited that they had this favor.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you to pray for the PIEI Committee in Romania and the United States of America, for the family of Ed and Daiana, for Matei Scheau, sister Noemi, sister Marioara Barac - her husband recently passed away. For all we pray that the Lord Jesus give blessing and peace.

Traian Chilau - PIEI Missionary