May 2017

I write this update with a certain level of sadness because the children from Telna are not attending the English classes. I noticed a decrease in participation until only the children of the church members attended. I don’t know the reason yet; the priest intervened or the parents don’t allow them to come anymore, or some don’t want to. We will continue to keep in touch with them since we have a special meeting with them on June 20th and 21st with various activities, and summer camp June 26th-30th. We pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and methods by which we can keep connected with them.

I continued one-on-one evangelism in Mesentea, and I am glad to have connected to a group of women that are interested in talking about the Scriptures. They ask lots of questions and are very interested in discussion. May the Holy Spirit convict them of their need of the Savior!

I thank the Lord and Trinity Church for the prayer and finance support.

Prayer Support:

-           For the children who do not come to English classes anymore

-           For the Lord to give us widsom to use the appropriate methods to help them return

-           For the summer camp when the Lord would move each child’s heart

May the Lord bless the PIE Organization!