June 2017

I thank the Lord that in the month of June 2017 there were activities with major impact in Sard, Telna and Bucerdea. On June 20th and 21st we had teams from the US visit the sick and the poor outside the church. It was a great opportunity to speak to their families about the Lord Jesus, and to pray for the sick. They were very receptive. We had activities for children, songs, outdoor games and crafts. There were over 40 children.

The week of June 26th-30th we organized a summer camp for the children in Telna, and I was so glad to see that over 60 children attended daily. The camp was 10am-4pm, and we provided a meal to the children. This caused the relationships to strengthen. The last day of summer camp we invited the parents to participate in a program put together by their children based on what they had learned throughout the week. After the program, we had a picnic with the children and parents. 110 people participated; this exceeded our expectations.

I cannot thank God enough for the joy of this week and the large number of children who attended, compared with last month when they stopped coming to the English classes. We pray that after the summer break, we restart Bible School with the children.

Thanks to Trinity Church for their prayer and financial support, and thanks to all who work alongside with us in this beautiful ministry.

Prayer Support:

-           For the people who were visited: the sick or poor, that the Holy Spirit would continue to work in their life and in their family

-           For the children who participated in the summer camp, that the seed of the Word would bring fruit and that the Holy Spirit would change their life and their parents’ life

-           For me and my family


May God bless you!