April 2017

In the month of April 2017, together with the team of sisters who visit the sick, we visited six families in Telna. These are families who do not come to church. I noticed that the ones who are the most receptive to the Gospel are the sick, so as we visit them, we have the opportunity to talk with them about Lord Jesus. In this way, we are a testimony for their neighbors and for the entire village.

After a two week break, we restarted the children’s classes for English and Bible study. We pray for the last week of June when we plan to organize a Christian camp or VBS in Telna. We will provide lunch every day and will eat together. On the last day we will invite the parents to participate at their children’s program and will also eat together. We pray that this would be beneficial to the children and the parents.

I continued the mission in Mesentea, and pray that we can organize an evangelism service outdoors, since we did not get permission to use the City Hall.  

I were very glad to be at the PIE conference, for the wonderful fellowship, meeting with Cornel Stef and the PIE board, and also to learn so much through the teaching of Dr. Terry Mortenson and Bruce Robinson. I pray that the Lord would use the powerfully in every place.

I thank the Lord for Trinity Church, for their prayer and financial support.



May God bless you!