March 2017

Nemes Tani – Telna, Bucerdea

With God’s help, we continued evangelism services in Telna on Sundays, since we saw that people were interested in attending and listening to the Word of God. As a result of conversations with them, some said that they like it at our church a lot, how the Word of God is explained so they understand, but when they must make a decision, they delay. The one who can convict people of their sinful nature is only the Holy Spirit. We pray the He does that in these people.

Together with the missions’ team that goes to Mesentea, we restarted personal evangelism. We walked though the village and met people who listed to the Word of God. We sang and prayed for them.

I thank God for the children’s ministry in Telna, and I am so glad it goes well. Children are interested in learning English and hear Bible stories. We are preparing for VBS, and plan to put it on the last week in June. Children will be encouraged to bring a friend. We plan to help five children outside of church, who do not have financial support, to participate in a Christi an camp.

I thank the Trinity Church for their support with finances and with prayer. I pray for all the workers in PIE.

Prayer Support:

-           For the people in Mesentea and Benic, to open their hear and house for the Lord

-           For those who participated in the evangelism services, to decide for the Lord

-           For the children, their parents and for the VBS program

May the Lord bless you!