Missionary Visits

orfani gara.JPG

God showed His faithfulness and guidance towards me again in the last few weeks. I went to Ponorel to visit two non-believers, Rodica and her daughter-in-law Cristina, and we had an amazing time of personal evangelism. A little while ago, Rodica had some problems in her life and she was determined to receive Jesus in her life. She is very close to the Kingdom of God. In the same village, I went to see Viorica. She is an old woman who helped a lot our church and she has an open heart for the Gospel.

In Sohodol, I met Alin and Mihaiel. Alin is the nephew of our sister in Christ, Dorica, and she is a great example of faithfulness for them. 

When we went to Valea Ciorii, we had a special experience there with Tamas family. They are all non-believers and they go through difficult times because their daughter has cancer and the mother is paralyzed. I spoke to them about the importance of prayer, about God who loves us deeply and about Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. We had a blessed time with this family.

I also continued to visit our mission point in Brazesti and the orphanage in Abrud (photo: the orphans learning about the good shepherd).


Please pray for:

  • Emil from Ponorel who had two surgeries lately;

  • Rodica and Cristina (non-believers) from Ponorel;

  • Alin and Mihaela (non-believers) from Sohodol;

  • Tamas family (non-believers) from Valea Ciorii;

  • Our mission point in Brazesti;

  • The orphans and their teachers;


I salute you with all my love, in the name of Jesus Christ, with Philippians 1:2-6!

Florin Botar - PIEI Missionary