Many Blessings from Apuseni!

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Dear brothers and sisters from HCBC, for us being evangelistic partners with you is a great blessing, your prayers and financial support on a monthly basis greatly encourages us. We bless you all,with the love in the name of Jesus.
We are also blessed by being part of the Partners in Evangelism International (PIEI) from which we receive regular support in several spiritual needs.
I serve in the Apuseni Mountains (in Ponorel and Sohodol) for many years under the blessing of the Heavenly Father.

Lately, I went to visit a few families of believers and non-believers in two villages, Ponorel and Sohodol, where I shared the Gospel with them. In Sohodol I also know 5 elder sisters who, because of the winter, can’t go to church. They need someone to visit them, bring them the Lord’s Supper and to pray with them. I go there to fulfill these needs until the cold season is over. In the non-christian families we talk to them and try to share the Good News.

In the same village, I met Vetuta. She is a non-christian woman trapped in orthodox traditions and customs. In Ponorel we have a few prayer groups in different locations. They are very useful for the members of the church but also a good opportunity to invite non-christians. 

Please pray for:

  • Dragoi family – Christian family from Ponorel who are having a rough time after their son’s death;

  • Nicu and Lenuta from Sohodol who are not far from God’s Kingdom;

  • Vetuta, the non-christian neighbor;

  • Our mission point in Brazesti;

  • Two orphanages in Abrud that I usually visit;

Thank you and God bless you,

Florin Botar - PIEI Missionary

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