Help for the two poor widows

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ! I want to show you few activities that we had this month.

Sister Dorica and Sister Sofia have lately received help from us (food and financial), they both past 70 years.
Also, in Sohodol I had a special meeting with Dan (nonbeliever) son of Sister Vetuta. I specifically discussed the problem of salvation in the Bible and he had many good questions about it.

Brother Emil (Ponorel) had a very difficult operation in Cluj to the colon, he is in our daily prayers.
Again at Ponorel, I met a woman, Adriana (nonbeliever) and we discussed important things from the
I continued to go to Brazesti (where we want to plant a church) and also to orphans in Abrud.

Support in prayer:

  • For me and my family (protection, wisdom, health)

  • For Dan (nonbeliever) - Sohodol

  • For Emil, in a particularly difficult situation with his health - Ponorel

  • For Adriana (nonbeliever) -Ponorel

  • For the Brazesti mission point

  • For the orphans from Abrud

  • For an evangelistic mission to Luminesti in April (a village near Ponorel)

I saluted you in the Name of Jesus with Psalm 100.

Florin Botar - PIEI Missionary