Updates from Brazesti

At the churches in Ponorel and Sohodol and at the mission point in Brazesti, the week before Easter Sunday and during Easter, we had a wonderful blessed time. We interacted with non-believers with whom we shared about Jesus’ suffering, death and grand resurrection. People were very receptive and some even attended the church services at the two churches. At each of the services we felt the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the power of His resurrection filled our hearts. See photo Easter 2018.

Please continue to pray for:

-          The two orphanages in Abrud

-          For the mission point in Brazesti, especially for the non-believer families of Emil Catana, Dumitru Gherman and Ilie Mocan

-          For a new evangelism program at the church in Ponorel on May 27th at 6pm

-          For those who go through difficult situations: Vasile Coroiu, Aurelia Dragoiu, Sofia Mihet, Otilia Danciu


We pray for you and think of you daily. Thanks for all you do for us, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

Easter 2018.JPG