Home Visits @ Non-Believers Families


The mercy of the Lord has been with us this month and we were able to work fervently to spread the Gospel. During all the visits in the homes, both with believers and non-believers, I was able to share from the Word of God. I also visited the ones who cannot come to church from Ponorel and Sohodol, and shared Communion. Some of them with non-believers in the family, I invited to come to church. I met with Ms. Nicu from Sohodol. He knows a lot about the Gospel and came to church several times, and even prayed eloquently in church. In Sohodol, I visited Mr. Ion, a religious man who loves the songs we sing and the way we worship. His wife, Ms. Maria, is the one that keeps him away. She is very attached to the Orthodox Church. In Ponorel, I visted Sister Lidia who is sick. I saw her daughter Geta who is a non-believer. At her father’s funeral, Geta was touched by the Word of God, and since then she is more open to the Gospel. We all pray for her entire family. While visiting the family of Sister Sabina, we had a moment of prayer for her granddaughter Anca who has been diagnosed with cancer some time ago. We also pray for Sister Adriana’s husband, Jicu who is a non-believer, and for  the family of Brother Mircea: Adrian, Adriana and Deuta, all non-believers.

We met at the mission point in Brazesti (see photo) in smaller group this month. We want to continue the prayer meetings over the week in each of these towns. I also plan to continue to visit the orphans from Abrud.

With all the love in Christ,

Florin Botar