Evangelizing the village of Luminesti


I wish first of all to thank the Heavenly Father for his guidance and protection every day.

I also thank you, my partners in the work of spreading the Gospel in my area.

Lately, I had the opportunity to share the Good News both within the church and especially in some non-Christian families.

- a good opportunity to evangelize was at Ponorel - a time when the Word of God was solemnly proclaimed.

- at Sohodol in the family of Vetuta, a woman who is not far from the kingdom of God

-Visits to the Doric and Zorita family -all of them still non-Christian

At Ponorel meeting with Nicu (near the church) and with aunt Iulica and her entire family.

A great evangelistic action was in Luminesti (a village near Ponorel with many poor families), I met with the children and adults from this place and I told them about the Good News : Jesus Christ (see Photo: Luminesti)

Prayer request:

-for sister Livia-health problems with children

-for sister Fica, Lidia, Lenuta-health issues

- for both villages of Ponorel and Sohodol - people to receive the Salvation

-for two orphan children's homes in Abrud-which I visit every month

-for the the new-mission point of Brazesti and three non-Christian families from this village: Catana Emil, Gherman Dumitru, Morcan Ilie

 I greet all the love in the Name of Jesus