We come back with new information from the mission field in the Mihalt missionary circle. We have enjoyed much this month of the rest that God has made part of us through His grace. Not necessarily a physical rest, but rather the rest and the joy of harvesting.
We enjoyed the PIEI meeting, where we met in a holy fellowship with brothers and sisters from Ukraine and other missionaries from Romania. We also had a good time in fellowship with brother Cornel Stef and Tani Nemes. There have been two days when "we have our hearts in His presence."

As I remembered as a project, this month we had a baptism. Three young people publicly declared their faith in the Savior Jesus, our Lord. Each of them had a beautiful testimony of their return to the Lord:

- Edi, about whom I wrote before, decided at 19 years to live his life on the path of repentance after the dramatic experience of his mother's death in February 2019;
- Deborah, she had regrets because she was not decided to be baptized with her sister Damaris in the following 3 years. Very emotional, but determined to serve the Lord all her life;
- Theodora, our daughter, in whose heart the Lord worked the stage with the stage. I complained when I saw her in the summer camp in Ukraine last year, coming out with many young people in the call to repentance. Now he took a new step forward by faith, confessing that he wants to serve his Lord and ours publicly through baptism.
May Adi, Deborah and Theodora live all their lives bringing glory to the Lord!

Prayer Requests:

  • For us converts;

  • For Edi, Debora, Teodora - spiritual growth;

  • For guidance through the Holy Spirit, wisdom, courage and vision in the work;

  • Spiritual and physical health.

Be blessed!

Daniel Petrut - PIEI Missionary