Christ is Risen!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, with the help of God, we started to organize a baptism in May at Craciunelu de Jos Church. Edi's intention is serious, we started preparations, and our joy is that other two young women have decided to receive baptism with him. It's Debora, a youth from Bucerdea Granoasa Church and our girl, Theodora.

Ocna Mures_Invierea Domnului_2019.jpg

At the celebration of the Lord's Resurrection we were together with the brothers and sisters of Ocna Mures. I was glad to serve with my brother Cornel Stef, with whom I spent all day. Between the morning and the afternoon church meetings in Ocna Mures, we were at Stana de Mures to visit and encourage the only christian believers who are in this village: a brother and two sisters. They were glad, but in my heart there is sorrow, because they are old and there are no other believers in this village.

”Marta” Sister Group in Ocna Mures continues to be involved in evangelistic social projects. The work from the old town shelter has been stopped for a while, as a period of quarantine because of the flu.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the baptism of 19.05.2019;

  • For us converted to Stana de Mures;

  • For Ocna Mures;

  • For my family: spiritual health and physical / guidance through the Spirit and spiritual maturity.

Be blessed!
Daniel C. Petrut - PIEI Missionary