God works in different ways

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Beloved brothers in Christ!
A couple of days ago, i asked a brother about how the Lord's work goes to their church. I knew the pastor of that church began preach to another church. The brother replied frankly: "On the one hand we are sorry for the pastor, we have become accustomed to him. On the other hand, the church began to wake up. When the brothers realized that leaving the pastor left a gap, they began to get involved with what they could!
I was writing about the Sister Lenuta funeral, and a sister-in-law of Lenuta said to me: "Maybe God want us to learn something through it!" ... and the answer came. The youngest kid of Sister Lenuta, Edi, was a teenager with a more rebellious attitude. His parents prayed for him a lot, for him to be saved by Jesus Christ. Before I left the cemetery, I went over to the family members and encouraged them. When I came to Edi, the Lord gave me this words: "Do not forget that your mother prayed a lot for you!". About a month ago, while I was on a visit, the phone rang: it was Edi, who told me that he was very determined to follow the Jesus Christ and would like to meet me for a talk. Glory to God!

Prayer Requests:

  • For my health - I'm very cold for over a week;

  • For the spiritual growth of Edi - a sincere dedication and total dependence on the Lord;

  • For the Lord to open as many doors for evangelization;

  • For my family - protection and guidance from the Lord.

In His service,
Daniel Petrut - PIEI Missionary