Two weeks ago, Mihai, Sister Paraschiva's husband, has passed away. For a long time he opposed his wife's desire to return to the Lord. A few years ago, Mihai had a stroke. Suddenly he became more tolerant and allowed Sister Paraschiva to come to the Church meetings. However, he passed away without knowing Jesus as a personal Saviour. Like the church, I was with Paraschiva's sister in this tough trial. Soon after, along with sister Paraschiva, they arrived on a Sunday at the Church meeting, two of the three children she had.

At Ocna Mures we have a sister (Lenuta) who had surgery at the spine. A few years ago, Lenute's husband, Viorel had a surgery at his head. Sister Lenuta is one of the most active sisters in the group of sisters who make up the "Marta Group". This group of sisters is responsible for helping families with poor physical condition and work at the old foster care. We visited our sister and our intent is to stay closer to this family until Lenuta' recovers.

Teodora prepares to go to a Christian camp in Arad. We hope that her experience in the camp will help her to know and serve the Lord more and more. Edi, who was baptized together with Teodora, went to Michigan with a student visa to work during his vacation. We want that during this period he will not lose faith, but on the contrary will come closer to God. Even if he does not try to show it, his mother's death has affected him a lot.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Sister Paraschiva and her family - divine blessings and the conversion of her children;

  • For the physical recovery of Sister Lenuta;

  • For Edi and Teodora - spiritual growth and maturity.

Be blessed!
With love, Daniel C. Petrut - PIEI Missionary