Women's ministry / Sunday School

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

We thank the Lord for the prayers and support received from you. We want to share some of the ways things go and some of the projects we are involved in. The work of the women’s group from Ocna Mures expanded to the elderly. This group of women have a fund from which they help the people with financial hardship or health problems. Aside from “multiplying the bread” their goal is to share the Gospel with these people. One of the sisters from this group told me that God amazes them through the fact that these funds have never run out for this ministry. She also shared her disappointment that no one else from the church got involved when they were asked.

In terms of the Sunday School at Bucerdea Granoasa, we are approaching the end of the third year of study. In the spring of 2018, with God’s help, we will have the graduation ceremony. Until then, we still have several meetings, and we are glad for those who have been consistent in participation along the years.

Another area of the work I focused on was visiting the sick. The wife of Brother Utu, Mariana, returned home from Spain. Due to her physical weakness, she won’t be going back to Spain. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer, with the lungs being affected by the tumor as well. Another sick person, and close to passing away is Brother Nelu. He was a professional mason who has helped build six or seven churches. Now, after two strokes, at 81, has become bedridden. There are more brothers and sisters like these.

Prayer Support for:

-           The women’s group and their work at Ocna Mures

-           The sick in Mihalt

-           My family: spiritual and physical health

With love in Christ,

Daniel C Petrut