Thankful for Another Year

We are getting close to the end of 2017. We want to show our gratitude toward God and you, our brothers and sisters from MBC who have supported us in good and hard times. May the Lord reward you!

A recent incident confirmed once again that all we are and have is only by the grace and mercy of our Lord. I went to a carols concert organized in one of the churches in Alba-Iulia. The preacher who was scheduled to speak that evening was a Romanian brother from Canada. Just before entering the church with the singing group, had a heart attack and died. He was under 50. Life is filled with joys and sorrows. Brother Nelu whom I shared about last month, just passed away. In the midst of grieving, the family was filled with peace and thankful to the Lord. Brother Nelu had been bedridden for 5 months already. Sister Mariana continues a strong antibiotic treatment. May the Lord have mercy on her! The joy we felt this month was in the opportunity to take the Gospel, the news of Jesus’ birth through carols. We went to Ocna Mures to the elderly home, to Mihalt, Bucerdea Granoasa and Craciunelul de Jos. In Craciunel, we went to an older couple’s home where the wife is a Christian. While crying, she expressed her gratitude for visiting since no one had visited them, caroling for Christmas.

Prayer Support:

-           For me and my family: guidance, and spiritual and physical health

-           For the ministry at the elderly home in Ocna Mures

-           For Sister Mariana, Brother Utu’s wife

-           For the workers to help us at the mission point in Mihalt

With love in Christ,

Daniel C. Petrut, PIE Missionary