Thanksgiving Celebration

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,


By the grace of God, the focus this month was on the local church. The Thanksgiving celebration is a good opportunity to evangelize. This year there were so many people in Mihalt that some had to go to the balcony. Some of the church members gave up their seats for the guests. We counted about 120 people. May the Word that was sowed in their heart produce fruit for the glory of our Lord!

We had the same celebration at Ocna Mures, Craciunelu de Jos and Bucerdea Granoasa. Most of the non-believers participated in the services in Mihalt. In Ocna Mures, we focused on the mission point in Gabud. Beside Sister Maria who is now 86, there is another family, Brother Sandu’s (who was baptized last in Ocna Mures). We pray that the Lord would bring salvation to the people in Gabud.  Here in Ocna Mures, our sisters’ group visits the senior home regularly.

Bible School in Bucerdea Granoasa goes well. We lost some of the students, but the core group is still strong. 10-15 of them attend class regularly every month.


Prayer Support:

-           For more souls to be part of the mission point in Mihalt

-           For the mission work in Gabud

-           For the senior homes in Ocna Mures

-           For the Bible School in Bucerdea Ganoasa

-           For my family: guidance and wisdom in ministry, and spiritual and physical health