July 2017

I thank God for this wonderful month. It was filled with events. Thanks so much for being part of the furthering the Kingdom of God in this area, through your support. May God reward each of you!

The month of July started with a great meeting at Alba-Iulia with the PIE missionaries and leadership, where each one of us presented our work. On July 8th, one of our Brothers and I visited Brother Ion Gavrila who had a stroke. We had fellowship and prayed together. On July 9th, five of the Brothers and I went to Barabeti, and stayed to talk with people in groups. We met Ion and his wife who were open to the Word. Dan and Silvia know from the Word, and a woman called Mari was interested in the Word of God. On July 13th I took a family, Ileana Florea and her daughter Greta to Craiova; they are open to the Gospel, and we keep in touch. On July 16th we went through a sad experience: Sister Elena Iova got upset that her daughter doesn’t attend church anymore, and blamed me and my daughter for it. This is a need for prayer. On July 22nd I went with a Brother to Marsani to visit Brother Ovidiu where we also met the family of Brother Liviu and his wife Clara. We had fellowship and prayed for our families. We also visited the Tataru Family in Braniste. He is an engineer and his wife is a veterinary. I usually take Christian magazines to them, and we talk from the Bible. Please pray for their conversion. On July 23rd and 27th four Brothers and I went to Brabeti, this time to post flyers about the evangelism service on July 30th. On that date I was joined by numerous members of the church at the evangelism service where several men and eight women attended. They listened to the Word attentively. The meeting place being close to the Orthodox Church, the priest came there, revolted and called the police to send us away. Police arrived in the middle of the program. I talked with them from the Word. While this happened, all Brothers stayed to share the Gospel with to the people there. We then left since there was a wedding at the Orthodox Church. There were no incidents. Please pray for everyone present, including the priest and the police.

With love in Christ, your brother, Gabi Cuc