June 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in the PIE Organization,

Thank you for the material help and for the prayers on behalf of the ministry I was called to. May the Lord bless and reward you for all you do for me. May He find us worthy at His return.

The month of June was wonderful. I spent two Sundays in Barabeti and connected well with people there. A group of seven women were opposing us greatly. Other groups of people were open. For example, Gheorghe invited us into his house. Others did the same: Mircea, Ileana, Ion and his wife, Dan and his wife. On June 11th, one of our brothers and I visited the family of Mihai and Niculina Staicu who have health issues. We also visited Ion and Georgeta Gavrila. We prayed for Brother Ion who had a vascular accident 3 years ago. On June 22nd I visited Viorel and Minodora Duduianu who invited brothers and sisters from the neighborhood to their house, and we prayed together. This entire month I provided counseling to Ioan and Lenuta Iova who blame each other for things. I advised them to repent of their bad actions. If at all possible, I would love to have a laptop computer. Someone else types my reports now. I also need it for the ministry. Thank you.

Prayer Requests:

-   For the Barabeti Village where we want to plant a church; for the popele who were open to the Word of God, but also the ones who rejected it

-   For organizing an evangelism in July in the same village

-   For the meetings in the house of Brother Viorel Duduianu from Sadova

-   For the family of Ioan and Lenuta Iova


With all the love in Christ,

Gabi Cuc