August 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in the PIE Organization,

I thank God for His grace on us this month. I also thank you for the love He put in you to help us spread His Kingdom in this area, for the material and spiritual support to me and my family. May the Lord reward each of you!

In the month of August I had some opposition from some believers who told me that I tire them with repentance and bringing fruit. May the Holy Spirit enlighten them, and may He strengthen the church in their desire to work out their salvation and to spread the Kingdom in this area. Also this month, two brothers went to Barabeti where they connected with a few groups with whom they shared the Gospel. They also connected with a group of youth who were open to the Gospel. At the same time, they spoke with the family who allowed us to connect to their electricity at the evangelism service in July. They said the town mayor came and we had not spoken to him or the police, which is not true. Please continue to pray for the ministry in Barabeti, for the mayor and the police there. During the Aug 14-19 week, my daughter Sara and another three girls went to a camp near Hateg. God worked in a wonderful way in their life. On Aug 20th, a group of brothers from the town of Resita came to visit our church. We invited the neighbors to come and listen to the Word during this visit. I also went to a prayer meeting to Brother Marian Avram’s family in Sadova. There, a man named Gheorghe, an army officer, joined us as well.

Prayer Requests:

-           For guidance for me in all that’s ahead in terms of problems to address

-           For the mission work in Barabeti and for the village authorities there

-           For Gheorghe from Sadova, and Brother Marian Avram’s neighbors

-           For the girls who participated in the camp: Sara, Greta, Andreea and Ileana

For the evangelism event set for Oct 8th in the Town of Caciulatesti