Updates from January

We are glad to say that at the beginning of this year God has been with us. Although we have gone through a hard winter with freezing cold, lots of snow and sickness, we had experienced the help from God in everything. This month we visited some of the families: Amos and Lenuta, a family who helps me in ministry, sister Gita who suffered a … After her return from the hospital, we organized the prayer meetings during the week at her house. Our desire was to create the opportunity for her to participate in fellowship. In doing so, she recovered faster. I also served in Sadova where I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Enache, one of the intellectuals in the village, and I shared about the Lord. In the Village of Toceni I visited the Gavrila Family (Ion and Georgeta) whom I counseled and encouraged in their faith. In the Village of Marsani I visited a sister who had not attended services in a long time. Due to a recent sickness, she started attending church again. The mission team went for a visit to Brabeti to pray and connect with the people in the village. We continue to pray for this mission point, and to identify a place where to gather with the home group. It was a month of grace, for which we thank the Lord.

We are grateful to God for our supporters, for PIE members who are with us. May God bless you.

Gabi Cuc