News from December

Dear brothers,

I praise the Lord for His care, for He has been with me get through this time of sickness that came over me. My health status is good, but the problem that I have is far from being solved.

I have been in hospital for days, to treat the stroke I have recently had. I recovered pretty well at hospital, then I returned home, but I could only walk inside the house.

After exercise and physiotherapy, I recovered, and I was able to go to church by the end of December. Meanwhile Vera got sick herself, and stood in bed for a few days, having influenza. We thank the Lord for she is feeling better now.

This month I continued to work in Sadova and Caciulatesti through the team I have at church. Brother Amos and another brother had served the house group in Sadova, and the services in Caciulatesti. My wife Vera, and a group of brothers and sisters have visited some needy families in Caciulatesti, offering encouragement and material help (food).

The prayer group continued to pray for the ministry in Brabet and for our sister in church who has had a stroke too.

We are trying to fulfill our mission in the mist of our fights, for God’s glory.

At the end of the year, we are grateful to God for His care in the ministry we do in Caciulatesti, Sadova and Brabeti. We are thankful for you, our brothers involved in PIE, for being supportive to us.


We pray for the New Year that God would be a shelter for us, and to remain faithful to Him. God help us spread the Word around people.

We greet you all!

Gabi Cuc