News from October

I thank God for His wonderful grace poured over me. I also thank God for the grace He has poured over you, for supporting me financially and spiritually. I pray continuously for your health and all your needs to be met.

This month, the entire church continued to serve using the gifts they have. Part of the brothers and sisters meet every Wednesday for prayer. First we pray for the Barabeti Village where, by the grace of God, we will be planting a church. Other brothers go there once a month to pray and preach the Gospel to those we meet on the street. Once, two bothers and I we were walking and we met a man who asked us to help him put a cabin on a tractor. After we helped him, we talked about our faith in the Lord Jesus. There were four men with him. His name is Costica.

By the grace of God we also distributed food to ten families with numerous children; they were overjoyed.

We also continued to go to Sadova where the sisters pray fervently for their friends and neighbors.

I also had the opportunity to preach during a funeral service in one of the neighboring villages, where lots of people attended and heard the Gospel.

Prayer Requests:

-           For the Barabeti Village, that people would hear the Gospel

-           For Costica and the other men who already heard the Gospel when we helped them with the tractor

-           For the house-church in Sadova

-           For all the families on the strees where brother Marian lives, to be receptive to the Gospel

With love, your brother in the Lord,

Gabi Cuc