April 2017

Dear brothers and sisters in the PIE Organization,

Thanks be to God for all the help, material and spiritual, given to me in April. May God bless and reward you!

This month, I visited Mihai Stanciu and family, Gabriel Voicu and family, Ioan and Lenuta Iova, Amos and Elena Rila, people with whom I had fellowship. I also visited some non-believing families and talked with them about the Gospel; they were open to the Word. Please pray for them, for Gabi and Florin, for Cornel and Lenuta, Violeta, Gica, for the family of Sister Norica and for her neighbor. 

On April 13th, together with two brothers, I went to the Village of Brabeti where we got to talk with a few people about the Lord Jesus. They were open to talk. There is great need for prayer for the Village of Brabeti, and specifically for the people we talk with: Jane, Mircea, Costica, Lisandru and Gheorghe.

On April 20th-22nd we went to Alba Iulia to meet with the other PIE missionaries and other people. We shared in the fellowship, and learned about church planting and about family in these times, especially about raising children.

On April 27th, we went to visit Sister Norica, and this way we presented the Gospel to her neighbors.

Prayer Support:

·       For me and the church in Caciulatesti, so that everything we do is for the glory of God

·       For the Village of Brabeti

·       For the people I mentioned above

·       For all the brothers and sister from church