May 2017

It is appropriate for us to bring all the glory to the Lord Jesus for His rich grace poured on us. We are glad to benefit from this amazing grace individually, as family and as church.

Answered prayer:

Last month we prayed very seriously for two sick sisters, Maria and Elena, from the church. In a surprising way, the Lord called them home. We believe the Lord has a perfect plan for each of us, and works in a providential way. We prayed that the Lord would show His glory and power, and believe He did this in a wonderful way. They do not suffer any longer. In each of the families, these sisters were the only Christians, so there were great opportunities for evangelism during the visitation and the funeral services. Many people got to hear the Word of God. The brothers and sisters from the church were close to the families during the loss of their dear ones. There were four consecutive days that we gathered in these families’ homes with all neighbors, relatives and family present. At both funerals there were about two hundred people in attendance. These were times when the Gospel of the salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ was presented. We pray that the Lord would work in the heart of all those who participated. We believe the Lord answers the prayers of parents, and even if these two sisters went to be with the Lord, the time will come when their children will return to the Lord.

Another important even was in our family. Andrei, one of our sons, celebrated his engagement. We are so happy for this, and that the Lord has blessed him with a strong Christian young lady, his wife-to-be. We had a wonderful time together with our family and the church. In this situation, as well, we have seen how the Lord answers prayer. May His Name be blessed!

We thank you again for your support to us. May the Lord reward you!


Cornel and Nuti Fogorosiu