April 2017

I want to praise God with all my heart for His rich grace given to us, motivating us to live and serve more every day.

There were three important events that I want to mention in this report.

Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus was a blessed time, through everything that took place in church and outside. The days before Easter were days when we got closer to the Lord through prayer and fasting, and fellowship, a time of meditation and searching of our heart, asking the Lord to make us holy and to help us be more dedicated and filled with love toward Him and each other. The brothers and sisters responded well in the way they prayed, visited and helped each other. It was also a time when families gathered and spent time with each other. One of the families gathered all their children and close relatives, and enjoyed a special time together, talking about the Lord Jesus to relatives and friends.

The visits to the sick were also special moments of joy and encouragement for each other. Brother Nicolae, with both legs amputated, expressed his joy when visited by friends.

On Resurrection Sunday, we had a great time together at church, celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. The children had a special program. Since most of them come from outside the church, they invited their parents and siblings, and so many had the opportunity to listen to the Word of God preached. We pray that the Lord would work in their hearts. At the end of the service, I had the great joy to learn from a woman that she gave her live to the Lord who died and rose for her, and that she wanted to confess Him though baptism. She had been attending church services for about two years, and has finally made the decision. May the Lord bless her decision. Her name is Anita.

Another event which took place this month, a desire for a long time, was a special women’s meeting open to all sisters from church and women from the village. One of the sisters describes this as “we want this to be a beginning of the women’s ministry in our church, where we get to support each other through prayer and meeting special needs, so that we become more efficient in the work of the Lord.” Nuti, my wife, and a few sisters from our church and from other churches organized this event. They shared their experience in ministry. All women were encouraged; we pray that the Lord would bless this beginning and all women involved in this ministry.

Also this month, we had the PIE conference in Alba Iulia, where missionaries and their families had a great time participating, connecting with the Stef family, and learning about creation vs. evolution. It was a great time to strengthen our faith in God, the big Creator of everything. May His name be praised forever and ever!

Two special Prayer Requests:

-           For Sister Maria Radu, diagnosed with cancer; she is in the hospital

-           For Sister Elena Parvu, paralyzed on the right side; she is at home

We greet you in the Name of Jesu s Christ, and thank you for everything you do for us. May the Lord reward you!                     

Cornel and Nuti Fogorosiu