July 2017

We give praise to the Lord for the wonderful way He works. He is a faithful God, and we have to be the like Him, faithful at all times and in all things.  

With God’s help, we organized another evangelistic event in the public school, through which we showed the love of God to students and teachers. Each of the 200 students received a packet of food items and school supplies. Everyone knew that this act of love comes from God who cares for all our needs. We had an open door with the teachers; we talked with them about the goodness of God toward all people. The fact that we were welcome in the school is also an act of God who works in amazing ways.

This evangelism extended to the families in town. We visited them. It was an emotional experience that together with two teachers (non-believers) and a family from church we would make visits in homes, to talk with them, to see the problems they face and to pray for them. In most of the cases, people received all this with tears. Those who came with us heard the message and were touched, and many times left speechless. We pray that the Lord would work in their hearts, to help them entrust their life in His hands. We were invited to go again, and so we will take those opportunities to preach the Word of God.

The second event was the baptism at church. We heard the testimonies of our two sisters who accepted the Lord in their life, and committed to walk with the Lord. Both of them were confronted with battles and opposition from their own families who tried to hinder them from taking this step of faith.

Anita, 41 years old, told us that her husband tried to leave her and didn’t come home for two weeks. During this time, he started drinking again. She had decided not to allow him into the home anymore. We prayed with her, and God brought him back like the prodigal son. He even attended the church service when she was baptized. After the baptism, we were invited to their house along with other guests, and we ate together. Praise be to God! We pray that He would have mercy on Anita’s husband, to free him from the claws of the evil one, and to help him decide to follow the Lord. His name is Nicu. Please pray for him.

The other sister shared with me in the week before the baptism that she was facing great opposition from her children. They were instigated by the Orthodox priest who threatened them that they would not be given space for burial in the cemetery, for when they die. This would shame the family in this village. Our sister cried the whole week about this, but said that “even if they kick me out of the house, I won’t renounce my Lord.” We cried with her and prayed together. I then went to talk with her children. Here, too, the Lord worked in a miraculous way: not only did they stop opposing her, but most of the family members attended the baptism service. We are convinced that the Lord will work in their hearts. Praise be to Him! It was a blessed time when people had the opportunity to hear the Word of God. We know that the Lord would make the Word bring fruit in His time.

Thanks for your prayers and partnership. May God bless you.

Cornel and Nuti Fogorosiu