Young preacher


Peace to you brothers and sisters of PIEI mission who are in the USA.

God give me meetings not only with elders but also with children. They need the right direction in life because they are elders tomorrow. I talked with a young boy his name is Artem. His parents and grandparents didn`t want to hear about God. But he is open for God, he is twelve years old and he is interesting to read the Bible and ask about God. He talks about Jesus with his friends and invites them to the church. When he heard about the camp in Boyan he had love to come there. When grandparents called him to the camp, he told them that he is happy about being there and he had found a lot of friends and doesn`t want to come back home. And now he tells everyone about how is great to be in such camp. His sister Nadia said that he would like to go to this camp next year.

Pray about this family. May God awake all them through this boy.

Pray about my health that God helps me to spread the Gospel.

My family and our church pray about mission PIE, about family Stef and Golston, Petikhachniy and Pastushak.

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa in Vovchanets and Vankachauts.