Neighbor would become sister


To all brothers and sisters who prays and helps to missionaries peace and grace of Jesus Christ to you.

I had a conversation with my neighbor, her name is Natasha, and she is 30 years. When she was 8, we visited her family on Christmas and I gave her the Bible and asked her to read it every day and you will find God in your life. She attended the orthodox for years and did not understand what the priest talk about. And now she told me I want to come to your church and to meet God in real. She liked being here and start to tell her brother and sister about God. I visit her home and talk to her about the Gospel.


I pray about Natasha, may God open her heart and all her family.

I visit old people and those who are sick and talk with them about Jesus Christ.

We have the Bible researches and now we read Psalm.

Pray about the success of sharing the Gospel in our village.

I thanks to mission PIEI for your prayers and support.

I love all of you and God bless you!

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa in Vovchanets and Vankachauts.