Gospel on the street


We are grateful for your prayers and financial support. We try to share the Gospel at any time.

In this month I was not indifferent to our villagers who are dying without God.

I greet people on the streets and talk with them about God and the Bible. At that time I had worked at the church and was mowing the grass when I met one man and I asked him: why do you always go by the church and never come into? Because I invited you so many times already. His name is Victor, he was a teacher, and while our talking he asked me some questions: What the difference between the orthodox and protestant churches? We celebrate the Easter and Christmas together but we are differ anyway. I told him that the purpose of Christianity is to read and learn Bible form the very beginning to the end, think about that, pray that God opens the path to God`s Kingdom. That we have to worship Him in the spirit and the truth. He was paying attention and promised to come to the church. And he wants to know more about God and Christians. I pray that God opens their eyes to teachers, professors and other people, they trust Him and serve Him. I believe that awakening is coming to villages and cities.

Thanks to God for His love and mercy. Thanks for mission PEI for your support, for your prays and help. We pray about you in our church.

Pray, please, about awakening in our village.

Pray for my health.

I love you all and pray about you!

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa in Vovchanets and Vankachauts.