Children need God


Peace to you brothers and sisters of PIEI mission who are in the USA. I am grateful for your support in the field of God with your spiritual and financial help that we need. Greetings to you from me, my family and our church.

I had a lot of work to gather children for a Candela camp. I prayed and went from house to house and invited children to the camp and asked their parents to let them go. It was really hard because they had ever been in such camps and that was the first time. It is difficult for them to get used to the research of the Bible, sing songs and pray because they had never done all these at home. Instead of that, they hear at homes filthy language, swearing, and damnation. I explained to them everything and ask them to try to join the camp.

At this picture, there are two sisters Keortana 13 years old and Kristina 12 years old. Their parents don’t attend the orthodox church because they were poorly raised. After a long conversation, they agreed to let them go.

Please, pray for this family, for these parents and girls which don’t know God. May God open their eyes, brain and mind and they repentance.

Pray about me, may God use me for His glory!

God bless you all!

Pastor-missionary Vasile Preutesa in Vovchanets and Vankachauts.